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Sweets and Zakka

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Celebrate October 31st with some Gruesome Brain Meringue from Sweets and Zakka. Terrify your friends with a package of our Halloween Meringue.

Made especially for the King of Foodies. This custom-made Meringue is one example of the kind of candy we can make for our premium customers. (Consists of 5 Packages)

The fall season is upon us, and it's the time of year for our special Pumpkin Meringue. It's the perfect gift for Halloween or Thanksgiving! Share with your family and friends. (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Pumpkin Meringue)

Scare the heck out of your friends with this Bloody Eyeball Meringue. The Sweets and Zakka Bloody Eyeball tastes delicious and is deathly terrifying at the same time! (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Bloody Eyeball Meringue)

Feel the bloody, Mummy Meringue ooze down your throat. One of the scariest Sweets and Zakka Meringue that we offer, this Mummy Meringue will absolutely spook you! (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Mummy Meringue)

Listen to the sounds of ghosts howling in the night. This Ghost Meringue will haunt all your family and friends. (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Ghost Meringue)

Back from the dead, this spooky Skull Meringue will terrify your friends! It looks so sinister, and it tastes so good! (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Deadly Skull Meringue)

Gobble, Gobble!! Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday by eating our special Turkey Meringue. Surprise your friends with the best Thanksgiving Holiday gift ever!! (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Thanksgiving Turkey Meringue)

Feel the frightening meringue flavor of ghosts, mummies, pumpkins, and severed eyeballs melting in your mouth. (Includes one bag of candy with 8 pieces of Assorted Halloween Meringue)

The perfect gift for Easter. This army of ducks will bring smiles to every child's face. Original Meringue Flavor.


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